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Thank you very much for all the deviations people.

I'd be the one to look for more pictures, but with all these busy situations I was too busy. ^^;

But I will, repeat, will, find some pictures.

Hopefully I can when I'm not too busy. :)

Anyways, thank you. I bid you adieu.

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Rules & Regulations

Here are the rules.

1. All art has to be sad and depressing.

2. It has to be animal related. It can be fan art of a cartoon, but it has to be anthro.

3. No flaming. Flamers will be blocked.

4. Literature is welcome. But it has to follow Rule 1 and 2.

5. I don't take photography. Only drawling and or painting.

6. No happy stuff. Unless it's a tear-jerking happy ending, it's welcome.

7. Nothing too horrific. If it's too horrific, then it isn't that sad, just creepy and falls under the horror genre. This is only for drama/tragedy/hurt & comfort art and literature.

8. If someone gets in a fight on here (Which I highly doubt) don't bring me in it. Unless it gets out of hand, I'll see what I can do.

9. Romance pics are welcome too. They don't have to be the "losing a loved one pic", they can be anything tear-jerking, like "I found you finally" or "I missed you" or probably "I will always love you forever" moments. ;) Slash is welcome too. If it's romance, it's romance.

10. Yes, you can have explict stuff on here. I don't mind it, as long as it's not pornographic. If it features it, then have a pic showing the aftermath of a later day. But other than that, no pornographic images.

Gallery Folders

131 by hardcrowmao
I Got Stamina by T-b0
Dreaming my dreams by gilbert235
Don't Ignore Me ! by Sea-Maas
Character Deaths
1001 Animations: The Mountains of Beyond by Regulas314
1001 Animations: I Remember Melville by Regulas314
1001 Animations: Jibanyan's Secret by Regulas314
DHWW How very lucky you are by Selinelle
Nopony to jump rope with by Porygon2z
1001 Animations: The Great (Dog) Escape 2 by Regulas314
1001 Animations: Pigeon Man by Regulas314
Master of Ships [post-episode strip] by FouDubulbe
Ending Bonds
-Fairytales are full of shit- by SaskedieJagerin
No Glimmer Of Hope by SLB94
No Voice by icelandicghost

Mature Content

February 2014. A FUCKING BAD PERSON by wolfmarian
Happy Ending
Nick and Judy - Zootopia by SimpleGuitar
We found love on hopeful face by T-b0

Mature Content

HTF. Flaky Werewolf Story, pag 27. END PART 1. by wolfmarian
Old and New Friends Return by KessieLou
1001 Animations: The Color Ruckus by Regulas314
Live Action Atrocities: Mute by Regulas314
Weekly FArtImation #3 Mad doctor by ViperPitsFilly
[PART 1] A Torn Dress, A Torn Heart by MeganLovesAngryBirds
Just Show Me by T-b0
I Love Cheap Thrills (Wigged version) by T-b0
[BHB] MLP - Friendship Isnt Canon P6 by Burning-Heart-Brony
Even Villains Can't Resist Cuties (Art Trade) by T-b0
Trying To Break Adiction
I`m terribly tired... by KateOkami
Depressed Brian by Solarpunk90
Torment by Cheetahbird
Painful Transformation by HelenasHerzblut
DH Have courage and be kind 2 by Selinelle
Forgive me by Lyra-senpai
Love doesn't always last forever by ViperPitsFilly
I forgive you by T-b0
We Came Here To Run It by T-b0
Ninja's are Rising by T-b0
Runaway by hardcrowmao
The Big Battle (Request) by T-b0
RIP C. Martin Croker by CrankshaftRabbit
Loud Sisters Crying Over C Martin Croker's Death by Prentis-65
Zorak Is Speechless by Elbeno62
Good Grief by SaskedieJagerin
Destroyed Homes
Nothing but the Broken Moon by hardcrowmao
A Misty Moment by HectorNY
Empire of the Pacific by jackfreak1994
Poisoned ground by hardcrowmao
Preventing Suicide
Animated Atrocities: Are You Happy Now? by Regulas314

Mature Content

Irresistible by Gothic-Rarity
A sad story come to life by Catcupcake
Don't Jump by KristinaGehrmann
Forbidden Love
Lovers by Gothic-Rarity
Karma's Coming Back To Me by Gothic-Rarity
id7 by hardcrowmao
The Most Beautiful Flower Among Flowers by FerryQueen
Broken Into Nothing
O_N_E__B_A_D__D_A_Y by OlexaFox

Mature Content

Watch me bleed... by JamJams
Emotion Regression by JamJams
Sadness by KateOkami
Injury Or Comas
Baby Elliot crying by Selinelle
Twilight is crippled (remake) by Porygon2z
My apple-bucking days are over by Porygon2z
injured O-ruff by KateOkami
Where Is Wakko? #9 by T-b0
'The wilderness can't stop our friendship now' by ViperPitsFilly
Contest: Reflection by Ayakemono
Princess Badger by Solarpunk90
Hate And Anger
Graf by hardcrowmao
127 by hardcrowmao
Marsupilami and Maurice hates UMG_MK by BuddyBoy600
104 by hardcrowmao
Self Ruin

Mature Content

. by JamJams
-If I could make amends- by SaskedieJagerin
-Trouble is her only friend...- by SaskedieJagerin
Space by Gothic-Rarity
Childhood Lost
Animated Atrocities: Doug's Last Birthday by Regulas314
[FanArt] I'm not just... by NarukoMegpoid
DH Meeting Saethrid by Selinelle
Generations by Gothic-Rarity
The Past
Starlit Night by Gothic-Rarity
DH I gave you these scars by Selinelle
Popular Wicked Girls by T-b0
Distress in victory by chickentech
Running Away
the Raven by hardcrowmao
Angie runs off by dolphin19
Keep 'em safe and run by YuiHarunaShinozaki
Prince with a Thousand Enemies by Sleyf
Morning in park by VektraPikcha
-The other days, we will not- by SaskedieJagerin
All right pal, take it easy by YuiHarunaShinozaki
Comfort by Raiilynezz
Finding Or Losing Hope
Himmel auf (unfinished) by DasWesen
Letting Someone Down

Mature Content

Good for nothing... by JamJams
Inner War by jackfreak1994
Sorry... I did what I could by S-concept
HTF. Flaky Werewolf Story, pag 2. by wolfmarian
Inside Out Revenge by T-b0
Deathly Selfie's by T-b0
Royal Embarrassment by T-b0
79 by hardcrowmao
Wishing For Something
Bus Stop by Gothic-Rarity
Alive by T-b0
I Wanna Be Like You #6 by T-b0
Raindrops Wash Away #4 by T-b0
Forbidden Friendship
possible forbidden friendship by cmara


Group Info

Cause who doesn't love depressed animals thses days? This is for the artists who draw pictures of really sad moments involving animals and or anthro characters. Fan art and OC art is welcome. It has to be animal related though, like Over The Hedge, Penguins Of Madagascar, or Wolfs Rain. Also, not all art is sad, it can be happy, but not just stereotypical happy, teary-red-eyed-makes-you-wanna-grab-a-tissue-happy. :P
Founded 6 Years ago
Dec 16, 2010


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ToonAC14 Featured By Owner Edited May 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for putting my deviation in your gallery, I really appreciate it :). However, a quick note, Silva is not an animal...she's an elf. LOL!
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Thanks for referring "A Misty Moment" to your Gallery.
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It appears that both the founder and the co-founder are no longer active. Can anything be done about this?
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How do I submit?
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Isn't anyone taking care of this awesome group? D: I've seen that both founder and co-founder have their accounts deactivated!
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Thanks for requesting my picture, but my intention wasn't for the scene to be sad so it didn't quite feel right to have it in here.
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Thanks for the request!
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I have to say the request to put this in "DepressionInAnimals" was somewhat baffling. Angry Celestia isn't exactly depressing, is it?
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